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Natural Diet Survey


Epil-K9 does not endorse any particular method of feeding, other than advising that a preservative free kibble or a natural diet may be beneficial to epileptic dogs. The dogs in this survey are all fed either a raw or a homecooked diet.

Please be careful when changing your dogs diet, if your dog is on Potassium Bromide ( KBr) The KBr no longer has to compete with the dietary Sodium Chloride found in the kibble, causing the KBr levels to raise which then can lead to severe ataxia. You may find that you will have to reduce the amount of KBr .

We make no claim that a raw or homecooked diet will cure all your dogs ills, but enough dogs seem to be are benefiting either from a reduction in seizures or allergies or both that we feel the subject needs some investigation. Please remember that not all dogs will respond.

Before attempting to switch to raw please read The Role of a Healthy Natural Diet in the Management of Canine Epilepsy and at least one of the books suggested at the end of the article.


We are analyzing the data and will make a full report as soon as we are able.

Update 3/28/2004

Epil-K9 & Dr Susan Wynn DVM (Alt Vet Med ) are working together to hopefully produce a paper on the results of this survey, dogs have been chosen to participate. Please check back for updates.


Dogs A-J

Alex the Wonder Dog, Aspen, Bandit, Becky, Bennie, Casey, Cody, Crickett, Dancer, Devon, Dillon, Drew, Dutch, Ellie, Emma, Happi, Hunter, Jake,Keeper


Dogs L-Z

Lilbud, Maggie, Meg, Meg, Petey ,Pepper, Radar, Raleigh, Riley, Sable, Samantha, Sava, Sandor, Tazer, Timmy, Tina, Tonka, Tyke, Zig


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