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Canine Epilepsy Sites on the Web

List compiled by Kathi Dvorak
Website of the University of Missouri Canine DNA Epilepsy Research Project
Vetinfo - Seizures in Dogs - Ask Dr. Mike.
Kathi and Roy Dvorak's "Perusal Page" a must visit.
"Idiopathic Epilepsy" by Dr. Wendell O. Belfield.
Epilepsy a cause of Seizures in Dogs by Race Foster, DVM, Marty Smith, DVM Holly Frisby, DVM,
Idiopathic Epilepsy.
Seizure Disorders .
International Veterinary Information Service ( A great site)
Information from a British member of Epil-K9


Page last update: 05/31/2011

Fund-Raising Projects for
Anti Epileptic Drug Research
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