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Dr. W. Jean Dodds' Articles


W. Jean Dodds, DVM, is an internationally recognized authority on thyroid issues in dogs and blood diseases in animals.  In the mid-1980's she founded Hemopet, the first nonprofit blood bank for animals. Dr. Dodds is a grantee of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and author of over 150 research publications.  Through Hemopet she provides canine blood components and blood-bank supplies throughout North America, consults in clinical pathology, and lectures worldwide. 

To send bloodwork to Hemopet please refer to the guidelines:
Download the required test request form - updated 3/2014

All articles written by Dr. Dodds are reprinted with her kind permission.

Dr. Jean Dodds Pet Health Research Blog - EXCELLENT resource - added 5/24/14

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Behavioral Issues with Thyrosis - added 5/30/11

Assessing Thyroid Function - added 5/30/11

Changing Vaccine Protocols

Issues in Nutrition: Including Homemade and Raw Fed Diets

Clinical Approaches to Managing and Treating Adverse Vaccine Reactions - added 5/30/11

CANINE VACCINATION PROTOCOL – 2011 - added 12/27/11

The Thyroid Dilema - added 5/30/11

Thyroid Disease

Changing Vaccine Protocols - Kennel Club - added 5/30/11

Liver Cleansing Diet

Low Thyroid Seizure Connection - A Conversation with Dr. Dodds


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